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Large Animal Dentistry

Horses over the age of 2 should receive regular dental care. Examination and treatment by a veterinarian is important. We utilize an equine “Power-Float” and excellent light source to visualize the entire mouth. At this time many of your questions regarding care, health and nutrition can be answered.
Not only do horses need their teeth floated at least annually, but many other species need regular dental care as well!
One of the many causes of weight loss is poor teeth maintenance or alignment. There may be an abnormal chewing pattern as well. Many issues can be helped with a  good oral exam and treatment of painful lesions. Our doctor has had extra training in equine dentistry! (*would we be able to add links later? Maybe make a video ourselves?)
Camelids require trimming of their fighting teeth as well as removing painful sharp points on their cheek teeth.
Remember, that first calf heifer requires a little extra nutrition as she raises her calf, sheds deciduous (baby) teeth, and prepares to breed back.
A pig’s tusks continually erupt and can cause a lot of damage to the pig, other pigs, and humans!